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Addi Unicorn circular needle

Addi Unicorn circular needle

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The newest Addi circular knitting needle is the Addi Unicorn with a pink cable.

The Unicorn circular knitting needles are the latest addition to Addi's collection of circular knitting needles. The wavy structure of the two lightweight needle points massages your hands while knitting and provides comfort and hours of knitting pleasure. The shiny, brilliant surface of the needle points transitions seamlessly into a flexible, pink cable, allowing the stitches of your project to glide effortlessly over the needles. This high-quality new series of circular knitting needles is produced in Germany and meets Addi's highest quality requirements. These circular knitting needles are ideal for knitting socks, gloves, hats and much more! Addi Unicorn circular knitting needles are available in lengths 60, 80 and 100cm and needle sizes 2.00-8.00mm. We have 80cm in 3mm in stock (ideal for knitting the de la Prairie cardigan) and 100cm in 3.5 / 3.75 / 4mm. Ideal for the new Stephen West KAL.
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