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Eucalan wool detergent

Eucalan wool detergent

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Eucalan is a natural, environmentally friendly wool detergent based on lanolin for delicates and wool washes. It is not only suitable for wool but also for other yarns. Hand wash and machine wash.

An instructional video for the use of Eucalan can be found on YouTube by clicking on this link .
Different scents are available:
Eucalyptus : is scented with Eucalyptus essential oil. That repels moths and fleas. The lanolin formula helps to condition the fibers and reduce static electricity. For all your delicate laundry such as sweaters, lingerie, down jackets, duvets, bathing suits and baby dresses. The fresh Eucalyptus scent is an ideal unisex choice
Lavender: is scented with lavender essential oil. Moth repellent and antiseptic properties. Suitable for all fibres. The sweet lavender scent is ideal for baby stuff, blankets, cuddly toys...
Grapefruit : (Grapefruit) is scented with grapefruit essential oil. A natural antiseptic product, ideal for clothing worn close to the skin such as fitness clothing, bathing suits and lingerie. With lanolin to keep the fibers in good condition. A fresh, light, uplifting scent. Temporarily sold out.
Neutral: Natural is an unscented washing product. No chemicals have been added to camouflage the natural scent of the product. With lanolin to condition the fibers and reduce static electricity. Ideal for sensitive skin.
Jasmine: (Wrapture) with jasmine essential oil. Naturally antiseptic. Like all other Eucalan products with lanolin for the fibers. Envelop all your clothes in a sweet floral scent.

Available in 100 ml and 5 ml (mini pack). Not all fragrances are available in all sizes. A 100ml package is good for about 20 hand washes.

E ucalan is extremely suitable for crocheted and knitted items. It is environmentally friendly, contains no resin and synthetic ingredients. Refresh your creations, cuddly toys and/or baby clothes with Eucalan.

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