Collection: Knitting and crochet supplies

Everything you need to crochet or knit. From simple, budget-friendly crochet hooks to ergonomic or ultra-light crochet hooks for hours of crocheting pleasure.

Straight knitting needles with heads in different lengths, aluminum knitting needles or wooden knitting needles. Circular knitting needles in many thicknesses and lengths. Or circular knitting needles with a click system so that you can put together the ideal circular knitting needle for your project. Or the innovative Addi Crasy Trio system for knitting in the round with 3 short flexible needles.

Especially for socks we now have the fixed value: Addi Sock Wonder, circular knitting needles with a short and a long point.

Stitch markers to keep count and point protectors to put your project safely aside. If you have to separate stitches, use a straight or round stitch holder.

Wool needles to finish your project.

With a wool winder and umbrella reel you can turn each skein into a standing ball in no time.

To finish your project perfectly, you can block it on a block mat with block pins from Knitpro.

Natural wool can best be nourished by washing your project with Eucalan woolwash, which you do not have to rinse.